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heim pál alapítvány

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In 1990, the Heim Pál Children’s Hospital established the Foundation to support its development, thereby ensuring uninterrupted and professional care for sick children.

For many years the Foundation for the Development of the Heim Pál Children’s Hospital has been one of the most successful organisations operating in Hungary. Nothing proves this better than its popularity amongst donors and it being used as a positive example many times by the media. In large part this is thanks to the Foundation keeping the best interests of its children at heart, with publicly available statements of expenditure showing that received donations are spent entirely on the Hospital’s development.

As its name suggests, the Foundation was established with the aim of improving paediatric care facilities. To this purpose it allocates significant sums to (1) he renovation of the hospital’s buildings, (2) the procurement of newer, more advanced instruments and equipment, and (3) the professional development and training of staff.


Looking beyond already realised projects, we place great emphasis on formulating long-term goals. Amongst these goals is the modernisation of the hospital’s buildings, which commenced in 1994. Following a long period of development, a modernised building was opened for the care of our little patients in April 2009; housing the Internal Medicine-Paediatrics department, the Gastroenterology and Nephrology department, the Sleep Laboratory and the Endoscopy Unit.

The Foundation remains committed to the development of the Pál Heim Children’s Hospital. Known today as the Pál Heim National Institute of Paediatrics, the hospital provides care to children from all over Hungary with several sub-specialities of paediatric care available only here. Financing the procurement of MRI equipment, the Foundation plays a significant role in the hospital’s current plans for major development. Also contributing 300 million HUF to the MRI building’s construction, once opened, it is the Foundation that will manage the MRI’s installation. With the construction of the long-awaited B building expected to commence shortly, here too, the Foundation will assist with the procurement of furnishings.